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Our vision today is to bring a range of fresh and natural products made from the finest spices to the world.

“The Mixed Pickles from the Pasco (Family) are the very best ever”
- Karin Eisig

NEW Masala Shots

Our Masala Shots are made up of a special blend of herbs and spices, making the perfect addition to curry’s, stir fries and BBQs. All you need to do is add a shot into your dish.

Cooking Sauces

All our sauces are made in the United Kingdom using locally sourced vegetables and yogurt. They are 100% natural, additive and preservative free.

Cooking Pastes

Our cooking pastes are made using a secret blend of herbs and spices only known to the Pasco family. Perfect as a base for a curry or as a marinade to roast, grill or barbecue.


Our pickles are made using selected fruits and vegetable sourced from our partner farmers and our own farm plantations. Perfect addition to any Indian dish!


Our chutneys are made from a blend of authentic mangoes and spices to become the perfect accompaniment to your dish.


Our condiments are made using the freshest vegetables and herbs. Perfect for spicing up any dish!